Friday, April 9, 2010

Roles of Electrical Chargeman( Di petik dari Blog Kamaruzaman Suradi-HT Chargeman)

HT Chargeman scope of duty:

  1. To comply with: Act 447 Electricity Supply Act. 1990 Part V (23) Competent Control Persons in charge:

(1) No installations or electrical plant equipments other than those owned or managed by supply authority shall be works or operated except by or under the control of persons possessing such qualifications and holding such certificates as may be prescribed, and no persons not possessing the qualifications or holding a certificates as aforesaid shall be in charge of any installations or shall control the operations of any electrical plant or equipments

(2) Any persons who contravenes this section shall be guilty of an offend and shall, on conviction, be liable to a fine not exceeding ten thousand ringgit and, if the contravention be continued, to a fine not exceeding one thousand ringgit for everyday or part of a day during which the contravention is continued after conviction.

  1. To ensure the (electrical related) safety of the workers before, during and after completion of the assigned jobs.

  1. To ensure all related electrical supply are dead, discharge and earthed/lock throughout the works period and the working area and or equipments are safe to works.

  1. To ensure all safety procedures are followed, proper tools are used, PPE are used and methods of handling of works are adhered.

  1. To conduct “tool box talk” (safety briefing) before any job started (if necessary).

HT Chargeman - What to establish:

1. To uplift the “profession standard” of Competent Persons Chargeman

2. To established a fair and standard remuneration, package and benefit

3. To ensure the safety of competent persons chargeman

4. To ensure and safeguard the professionalism and competency of chargeman are in the right placed and recognized.

5. To ensure the sustainable of Chargeman profession by delivering a standard, quality and professional services.

Proposed remuneration and packages for HT Chargeman:

  1. For “standby duty” required by the Electrical Act 447 Competent Control for the installations and equipments shall be paid as follows:

1.1 RM150 to RM250 Nett per eight (8) hours working periods

1.2 Surcharge of RM50 are applicable for working in public holidays (to follows the Government’s public holidays)

1.3 For unplanned and non schedule working hours shall be paid RM200 per 8 hours working periods.

  1. For planned “maintenance works”:

2.1 For a planned maintenance works which require signing of PTW shall be paid RM250 to every unit of Sub Station (all type) regardless the numbers of switch gears and transformers.

2.2 As for normal routine works shall be paid RM250 per day (regardless the numbers of Substation)

  1. For “Project works”:

3.1 Project works shall be paid RM300 per day with maximum 8 hours working hours (8am – 5pm) or (9am to 6pm)

3.2 Any extra time beyond the stipulated times shall be paid RM37.50 per hour.

3.3 Working days shall be six days week (Monday to Saturday)

3.4 Working on Sunday and Public Holiday shall be paid RM300 per day with surcharge of RM100 only (OT rate waived)

3.5 Working on weekend or public holidays (if required) shall be given notice or shall be informed in advanced.


  1. tq...saya buat rujukan utk prepare JD chargeman di kilang kami..

  2. tq...saya buat rujukan utk prepare JD chargeman di kilang kami..